Personalised, comprehensive, empathic care before, during and after pregnancy
Specialist obstetric care for all women, especially those with higher needs during pregnancy and birth

A/Prof Stefan Kane provides maternity care for all pregnant women, regardless of level of risk or complexity. Stefan is a certified Maternal Fetal Medicine subspecialist who also holds a Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound. He is thus able to provide dedicated, individualised, comprehensive specialist care, tailored to each womans specific circumstances.

Women who may derive specific benefit from care by a maternal fetal medicine subspecialist obstetrician include those with:

  • multiple pregnancy
  • prior fetal loss (at more than 12 weeks) or stillbirth
  • prior births of growth restricted or very premature babies
  • pregnancies complicated by fetal anomaly
  • complex infertility history
  • a risk of cervical insufficiency
  • maternal medical disease likely to complicate pregnancy
  • a history of birth trauma, whether physical or psychological